Peppermint Consignment

Our Story

Hi and welcome to Peppermint Consignment, an Ottawa based online consignment store!  We started Peppermint as fashion loving gals who have become more and more aware of the impact fast fashion and the industry as a whole has on the environment.   We also love a good deal, I mean who doesn’t?!


We often found ourselves with items in our closet that just weren’t getting as much love as they deserved and didn’t know where to turn or what to do with them.   With not wanting more items to end up in landfills and also wanting a return on the hard earned money we have invested in our clothes, Peppermint Consignment was born!


Let us introduce ourselves. We are Kristin and Sara, best friends living in the Nation's capital. We love fashion as much as you all do, and most nights out begin with texts about what outfit we are wearing!  We love our city and are proud to be born and raised in Ottawa.  Thank you for stopping by and supporting our shop.  If you have questions or media requests email us at [email protected]